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Dragon Age Inquisition: Cullen Custom Figure by Nero749
Dragon Age Inquisition: Cullen Custom Figure
Here is the tumblr post, it has a few extra photos as well: keepcalm-anddontpanic.tumblr.c…

I spent the last few weeks of vacation on this and it was so much work. I had to make everything, minus the laced part of the shoes... (Oh and the sword blade is from another toy sword but the wrest of the sword I had to sculpt.) I think the head was the most difficult bit (yes I know, that is not surprising) but the armour was tricky! I know nothing about armour, but his doesn't look very functional and how is that cloth draped around him? I have no idea.
I did include his helmet even though they left it out of the game (why!? I know the textures for it are in the game but the helmet is nowhere to be found?), because the helmet is really cool.

It isn't entirely done (the neck is a temporary fix as I am working on the permanent one, please ignore it, and the helmet needs more hair, some other things I might fix), but university starts tomorrow and as it's my final year I don't know how much time I'll have for other things and I really wanted to share this before the busy times recommence! 

At any rate, I would like to do a few others (Leliana, why so much maille; Dorian, why so many buckles and tiny shiny things; Alistair, Warden outfit why), but who knows when I'll have the time, maybe when winter break comes around, haha!

I might do a variation on some bits of his armour to get him more poseable, the body I used for him (oh right I didn't make the naked body either it's just one of those standard action figure ones), the body is very poseable but the armour gets in the way. Might also do a variation of his face with less paint. But who knows, I am happy with the results for now.

(Also what is the weird shiny bit at the back of Cullen's armour? It dangles from a rope but I can't figure it out so I left it out.)
Dragon Age Inquisition: Spymaster by Nero749
Dragon Age Inquisition: Spymaster
She's so great! And - to me at least - kinda unpredictable which makes her a more interesting character.

The background is based on a dialogue icon (I can't seem to find a picture of it but it's the one that opens up with one of the secrets inquisition perks that gives you more dialogue options and it looks like a black bird against a purple/ blue stained glass background). 

(Also, she's so gorgeous and elegant which makes her scarier somehow.)
Dragon Age Inquisition: Dorian by Nero749
Dragon Age Inquisition: Dorian
He was one of those characters that I had already heard a lot about but had never registered that he was in this game, so I was playing it, got to his personal quest and went 'Oh' and I remember when I first read about his storyline I really liked it but seeing it play out wasreally great!

Also he is one of the funniest people to take with you on quests.
Dragon Age Inquisition: Cullen by Nero749
Dragon Age Inquisition: Cullen
I realize I am probably really late to the game, but I just finished Dragon Age: Inquisition and I really enjoyed it. I am also realising I had heard way more about this game than I was aware of because things kept happening in the game and I went 'I read about this being in a game.'
Dishonored 2 by Nero749
Dishonored 2
More Emily! Yeah I am exited to finally get a new Dishonored game - I know it is still a long wait but now we at least know it is really happening (unlike waiting for the next season of Sherlock ;))!


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Skull Candy by Nero749

I will now describe myself through the medium of stamps!
Adam Savage -stamp- by ChinchikurinOriginal and Fanart Stamp by Estell-chanSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01


Commissions information is here:….

My Etsy

And finally, feel free to bother me on Tumblr:

For prints, cards, shirts, iPhone cases and what-not of my work, please visit:
Hello deviants!

My exam week is finally over... and I have some time, so I thought I'd open up commissions for the holidays!
You can ask me anything you want, doesn't have to be fandom related, though maybe you want a portrait of someone else as a character from a show, which would be fine, or just a character from a show, which is fine as well!

You can ask me to work in any of the mediums listed, please note that some will take more time: Digital paintings are the quickest, then charcoal drawings, and then the more elaborate things like art nouveau pictures. (Actually photomanips are the quickest.)

To ask for a commission, you can comment on this journal, note me on DA, or email me at (Also if you just have a question.)
When asking for a commission you can be as precise or vague as you want, but remember the more details you give me, the more it will be 'like you imagined it.'
During the process you'll get plenty of chances to ask for corrections, so no worries.
You can just make up a list yourself if you'd like, or use this form: (just email it to me, attached to your email).

Things to remember:

If you need something for a certain date, remember;

- Digital paintings take about two weeks, could be faster, but lets stay on the cautious side.
           1) If you just want the digital file I can just send it via email, so it doesn't cost any extra time.
           2) If you want a print it will take longer, up to four days to get it to the print company and printed and then the time it takes to ship it to you (see below)
- Charcoal Drawings take about two weeks
           1) I can't predict you would, but if you'd like it in a digital file as well as the drawing itself, ask me, the file will be send via email
           2) The shipping time will depend on your location (see below)
- All other commissions will take a week (for simple vector/ photomanip) or up to three weeks (art nouveau)
           1) Again, if you just want the digital file, the transfer will be immediate
           2) If you'd like to get it printed, you will have to remember printing it can take up to four days, and shipping will depend on your location (see below)

The time it takes to finish a commission depends on how complex the commission is, and how long it takes before you decide on the line art - until you decide it's right and you want it the way it looks.
If you want it printed but want to save time and cost, you can always get the digital file printed yourself, at a company near your own house.

Shipping times*:</b>
* Benelux: 1-2 days
* Germany, France, Denmark: 2-3 days
* Uk: 2-4 days
* (All other countries in) Europe: 4-7 days
* Outside of Europe: 6-11 days

* These are the times the post office lists, but I would play it save and have at least one week of 'extra' shipping time in mind as I've had delays before (customs can cause delays and there are probably factors I don't even account for that can be tricky with international shipping) and I wouldn't want you to get your order too late. Also remember these are business days, so weekends won't count.

Shipping costs*:

Anything under 38x26cm will be:

* Europe: 2-4 euros
* Outside of Europe: 3-5 euros

Anything bigger will be:

* Europe: 6-8 euros
* Outside of Europe: 17-19 euros

Commission costs:

Digital Art

* Digital Paintings

- Character with no background: 40/ 35/ $55

The Violinist by Nero749Sherlock II by Nero749

- Character with a simple background: 45/ 38/ $62

John Mitchell by Nero749Sherlock Portrait by Nero749King Arthur by Nero749

- Character with a complicated background: 55/ 47/ $75

The Reijkenberg Fall by Nero749The Pool at Night by Nero749Sherlock: Consequences by Nero749

In all cases these are the prices for one character, for every character after that it's 5/ 4/ $7 more.

* Art Nouveau

- Stylised with an elaborate border: 35/ 30/ $48

Sherlock Art Nouveau Calendar by Nero749Art Nouveau Benedict by Nero749

- Realistic with an elaborate border and background:40/ 35/ $55

Art Nouveau Sherlock Blue by Nero749Arthur and Guinevere WP by Nero749

In both cases these are the prices for one character, for every character after that it's 5/ 4/ $7 more.

* Vector Art

- Simple; minimum amount of layers:35/ 30/ $48

Caroline and Mac by Nero749

- Elaborate; more layers and a background:45/ 38/ $62

The Tardis in the West by Nero749

In both cases these are the prices for one character, for every character after that it's 5/ 4/ $7 more.

* Other Digital Art

- 'The Elements Effect Portrait:' 20/ 17/ $27

Water by Nero749London at Night by Nero749Sherlock and John II by Nero749Fire by Nero749

- Other effects: 25/ 21/ $34

Arthur and Guinevere II by Nero749The Doctor and Companions by Nero749

- Comics:30/ 25/ $41

Smoking in the 21st Century by Nero749Mr Holmes, meet Martin Crieff by Nero749

In all cases, except the comics, these are the prices for one character, for every character after that it's 3/ 2/ $4 more.

Traditional Art

* Drawings

- Charcoal Drawing:55/ 47/ $75

Benedict by Nero749Moriarty by Nero749The Pianist by Nero749

- Charcoal with colour details:60/ 51/ $82

Mycroft Holmes by Nero749The Joker by Nero749

In both cases these are the prices for one character, for every character after that it's 5/ 4/ $7 more.

About the commissions, some of you have asked me if it has to be Sherlock or Doctor Who fanart... Well, it doesn't, it can be anything you like, from any fandom, or your OCs, or maybe a family member (:giggle:).

If you have any questions, feel free to note me!

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Many thanks for adding my image to your favorites! .:Happy star:. From an artist of your caliber it's extra special.
Nero749 Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Professional General Artist
You're very welcome! I thought your Dorian was absolutely stunning and I love the mood of the piece!
olivegbg Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Drawing Dorian is always a treat. The only difficulty is not making him 'too pretty'. He has such good facial features it's very tempting...
Nero749 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hehe yeah. I do love his face it has a lot of character to it.
CandyGearz Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2015  Student Filmographer
Amazing artwork!
Specially the Sherlock ones, heh Sherlock - Smile 
Keep it up!
Nero749 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Professional General Artist
Aww, thanks!
dove-frost Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student General Artist
*approves of your fandoms* awesome work, watched!
Nero749 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hehe, thanks ;)
kwalart Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015  Student Artist
Heya!! Just so that you know I faved 3 of your artwork and I really would want you to know that you are a crazy good artist!!
Nero749 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thank you! That's great!
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